Sunday, December 21, 2008

Where where are you my beloved? -- Part 1.

Yes where is he?? i've waited for this special man that God will send to me since i was very young, i waited and waited until i started dating. Big mistake. Big big mistake, through all these hard lessons that God gave me, through much heartbreak i learned to be more pure in relationships, and to perserve my body as a holy temple of God. Temptations befall everyone, but i repeat again, DO NOT DO NOT give yourself away before marriage, God set those rules for a reason in the bible, HE knows what's best for us =)) Just wait however long it takes..the waiting does matter, and God is like a potter, HE prunes us slowly and he molds us to be the best wife, mother, and friend and lover and daughter of God. These single years have been such a blessing to me. I have not been single long, only since this July, 2008. I had to break off a very dear relationship, because the guy was not Christian..after much prayer i had to put my foot down and tell him that God is first in my life, it tooks tears, but in the long run i am glad that we never got intimate. I learned the hard way about that long ago, i don't want to get into too much detail, but it's obvious that God had to prune me the hard way. He molded me, refined me like fire, and made me pure again through HIS Love, Faithfulness, and His Word.
I went through a very long relationship with a Christian man for over 2 years, we were engaged too, but things fell apart slowly, and it was for the best. God knew that relationship was not meant to be. So HE took him away from me to never return..BUT i am glad for that, BECAUSE if the Lord never took HIM away, i wouldn't be WHO i am today! i've grew stronger and more spiritual on my own without a man. YET i know the Lord is good and HE will bring me the one i've been waiting for....
the only question is when???
The strange thing is i think God had already sent him to me, someone at church is such a great guy, BUT i feel this is not the right time, so i'll just wait for God to sort all this out ...and to make time perfect or to send me another...Only the Lord knows what's best for us..He does..always have FAITH in HIM and trust HIM, it took much hardships for me to learn to trust HIM more and to not lean on my own understanding but on HIS own. I always relied on myself too much, i'm trying to break myself away from that, it's a slow process, because i'm stubborn lol

But seriously, this waiting seasons have refined me like nothing else. And i know that this long long time will eventually prepare me to be a better woman, wife, mother and daughter of the King Most High.

I can only pray and hope to be a woman like the one in Proverbs 31. But it will take a lot of work on God's part and on my part. I pray a lot, the thing i lack in my spiritual walk is to read more of God's Word. I get sooo busy with college, work, life that i don't read the WORD often enough. It has to be my daily essence...i know that, and gotta work on that =))

Please please pray for me to read the Word daily or almost daily. Please i need all the prayers that i can get =))

well this is all i can think of at the momment to post about love, dating, and marriage.
I might post more on the topic later in a few days. We'll see =))

I should be getting internet in my new place on the 27th...=) so i'll post more often then..take care my dear friends!!

Love and blessings and HUGS to all!

talk soon!


Where where are you my beloved?

First off before i go into this devotional, i wanted to apologize for not blogging, i've moved into my new apartment about 1 week ago and I LOVE IT =)) i still get to see my parents almost every day and have my own independence I am so blessed to have them be my rock in life =))
But God is my rock first =))
Everything is good here, a lot a lot of's so pretty but very hard to drive in, yesturday i decided to be brave after much prayer i went on the highway to see my friends for a Christmas party in Fairfield, BUT the usual drive which takes me 50 min - 1 hour took me almost 2 hours the way there, and the way back took me 1 hour and 15 minutes!! wow i was totally tired at the end..BUT i have to sing Lord praises that HE got me through the drives safely..the highways were safe and completely was just the side roads that were a killer, on one road 2 minutes from my friends' house i started skidding badly i thank God that no one was driving that road right then..after much struggle i was able to get there in one piece..We had such great time, of fellowship, laughter and fun =)) i even played a guitar in one DVD video game..Yes it was worth it, but i'm not doing that again for awhile, i won't drive such distances in the snow..! it was a little scary LOL. to my post the devotional part...
i will restart another post just for that, because this is already long =))

Continued with the devotional bloggy post =))

Monday, December 8, 2008

i feel blah

I feel in such a funk today...i wanted to start a series on singlehood/love/dating/courting etc etc
BUT honestly i'm tired tonight and out of ideas and i am not in best frame of mind to write this kind of devotional..i was going to sit down and just write my heart out, BUT when i do any kind of devotionals like about LOVE i try to let the Spirit lead me where it may..and I don't feel HIM right now because of different stress with my parents and with i'll do this little series soon! it should be excing to do that =))
Everything is wise i've not been so good last week i still lost, but i've been slacking too many BLTs..bites licks tastes lol
and i have a cookie swap party this Wednesday and honestly this diet for me is a lifestyle, so i won't go in thinking I'm just going to drink water and eat only 1-2 cookies..NO NO lol i'll have 3-4 and be done =)) and track it and move on!
So far what i'm doing has worked =)) i lost 11-12 pounds in the last 7-8 weeks!!
yay =))
And i got all the furniture i was asking about in the prior post from a wonderful consignment shop all the stuff we needed, bed, dresser, TV stand all for 600+ not too bad! =) i'm so blessed, i'll be moving out in about 2-3 days!
i'll be completely out of touch with internet and TV for around 2-3 weeks, so if i don't post then don't be surprised..i just signed up for AT&T and they will install everything on December 27th..i might post from my parent's home but if i don't then no worries =))

i miss posting and i miss all your comments =))

I want to send out a shout out to all my loyal girl bloggers =))

Jennifer, Nen, Nancy, Lisa, Erin, Joy, and Jessica =)) you are all great! and you've made me feel welcome and loved in this blogging world!!
HUGS to all!

Now i am going back to go study but definitely stay tuned about the Love/Dating in this fallen world =)

The series are coming...either much later tonight or TOMMOROW =)) sometime this week for sure!

Blessings to all & HUGS!

LOVE ya all!

~~ Jane ~~