Monday, December 8, 2008

i feel blah

I feel in such a funk today...i wanted to start a series on singlehood/love/dating/courting etc etc
BUT honestly i'm tired tonight and out of ideas and i am not in best frame of mind to write this kind of devotional..i was going to sit down and just write my heart out, BUT when i do any kind of devotionals like about LOVE i try to let the Spirit lead me where it may..and I don't feel HIM right now because of different stress with my parents and with i'll do this little series soon! it should be excing to do that =))
Everything is wise i've not been so good last week i still lost, but i've been slacking too many BLTs..bites licks tastes lol
and i have a cookie swap party this Wednesday and honestly this diet for me is a lifestyle, so i won't go in thinking I'm just going to drink water and eat only 1-2 cookies..NO NO lol i'll have 3-4 and be done =)) and track it and move on!
So far what i'm doing has worked =)) i lost 11-12 pounds in the last 7-8 weeks!!
yay =))
And i got all the furniture i was asking about in the prior post from a wonderful consignment shop all the stuff we needed, bed, dresser, TV stand all for 600+ not too bad! =) i'm so blessed, i'll be moving out in about 2-3 days!
i'll be completely out of touch with internet and TV for around 2-3 weeks, so if i don't post then don't be surprised..i just signed up for AT&T and they will install everything on December 27th..i might post from my parent's home but if i don't then no worries =))

i miss posting and i miss all your comments =))

I want to send out a shout out to all my loyal girl bloggers =))

Jennifer, Nen, Nancy, Lisa, Erin, Joy, and Jessica =)) you are all great! and you've made me feel welcome and loved in this blogging world!!
HUGS to all!

Now i am going back to go study but definitely stay tuned about the Love/Dating in this fallen world =)

The series are coming...either much later tonight or TOMMOROW =)) sometime this week for sure!

Blessings to all & HUGS!

LOVE ya all!

~~ Jane ~~


Blogger Jennifer said...

Thanks for the shout out on your blog:)!! I love ya girl!! I am doing great,really feeling the prayers of those around me! Praise the Lord!!So how have you been feeling? I hope not blah anymore!! Its cold down here:( I am looking forward to Christmas coming ya hooo!! God bless and talk later!!

December 10, 2008 at 6:37 PM  

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