Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hey everyone Sorry for being MIA

Hi everyone i'm so sorry i've not posted in over a week proably now, i just had nothing too eventful happen in my life so i didn't post..because nothing too interesting happened in my life, just same ole same ole, work, college, college..etc!! lol
But i have some very good news to share diet wise...i have done weight watchers relgiously for around 2 weeks now..and last week on Firday i lost 3.5 pounds and this week i'll know tommorow, i weigh myself almost every day...but i only post friday's stay tuned=)) but i feel so good about it says in the bible...Our bodies are a holy temple of the Lord so we are supposed to nourish our bodies, give it love and not to eat to oblivion and disrespect our body...that took a long time for me to realize..and even though I've done w.w. for many times in a row this time it feels different..IT doesn't feel like a diet like it has before, it feels natural now and just good =)) Of course the first 3-4 days were hard, but i feel so much better about myself now..and i have a few goals that i'd love to share =))
I'll have to copy & paste this from another site....

1. I started W.W. flex points plan on 10/16/2008 & not giving up for the 4tb or 5th time!!

2. I won't give up no matter how long it takes to lose all my weight! yay!

3. My goal by 01/01/09 to lose roughly 10-15 pounds.

4. My other long-term goal is to lose between 35-45 pounds by next 10/29/09 in 1 year's time and be a size 14 W-16 instead of a 20 i'm now.

5. My personal goal is to learn to exercise and strength-train 4-6 times per week.

6. My other personal goal is to run, to run a 3K or a 5K ny 11/01/09.

7. Last but not least, To eat healthy still in a year's time.

8..Spiritually personal goal--to Serve God always.

So there it is those are my personal goals that i compiled in my food/exercise journal diary last night =))
I think the 2 keys to my success with sticking to weight watchers this time around, is that i post daily on weight watcher message board...i found 1 thread long ago with the best and nicest ladies around..and we post each day with encouragement, recipes and give each other lots of love and tough advice but it's wonderful =)) and i post my journal to these ladies each night i think that's what gets me through without overeating and sticking to program is that i subconsciously know that i have to fess up to them each night and that keeps me on track =))

Everything else is wise everything is amazing, my boss was very pleased with my work yesturday i am so happy about that and i worked hard!! =))

College wise i am not doing too good, i'm not disciplined enough to sit down and study i have had so much running around to do =))
Please i ask for prayer in that area of my life please pray that i get more disciplined with my studies and get a better grade on my next test I appreciate all your prayers and comments that i get =)) thanks so much for following and looking at my blog =))
I see a lot of visitors but not so many comments..please introduce yourself and tell me more about you??
and please tell me the name of your blog so i can come check it out =)

well those are the news from the last week!

take care everyone!

Talk soon i'll try =))

Blessings & HUGS to all!



Blogger Nen said...

thanks for your comment on my blog! it would be great to be accountability partners... i must confess though, i am horrible at getting online and typing my info into the meal thingy... so i don't know how well i'll do going back and forth. i might need you to explain it to me a little more - as far as how you go about it! i will have to check out that message board - but again.. i'm horrible at the computer. i am on the computer all day at work... so i kind of zone when i get home! GOOD LUCK with your ww! i've been doing good so far this week... still gotta log in my points for today... but i'll go do that now!! my email is

October 30, 2008 at 9:46 PM  
Blogger Nen said...

hey! do you know you have some kind of pop up on your blog? my internet blocked it - but i know my sis had problems with that on hers.. i just thought i'd let you know.

also... i am having a give away on my blog, i you are interested!!!

November 5, 2008 at 8:25 PM  

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