Sunday, October 5, 2008

VP Presidential debates and other musings =))

Hi everyone, i'm sorry i didn't post for a few days i just came back from a church retreat and i had the most amazing time there! We had lots of quiet time with God, prayer, worship, bonfire =)) and lots of friends i made that i didn't know before or not too well, and we played some board games at was fun and wonderful! i felt God speaking to me at the retreat =)) in many ways! not loudly, but in the most still voice i heard him through others's life stories, through others' testimony, through nature and the beauty of it and of course through God's was beautiful time away from college and work and very relaxing i had an amazing time =)))

Now back to the old news of the Vice Presidential debates..they were amazing! even though some stuff that Biden said made sense i still stand for Mccain/Palin...i loved that Palin stood her ground, was witty, smart, and really intelligent, she stood her ground on the most important issues, war, economy, energy, and gay marriage. She flat out said that marriage was made by God for only men and women i agree with her..too many people nowaredays fool themselves that they are ok, that they can live any lifestyle they want, they gotta remember that they will have to answer to God Almighty..i have someone i know who is gay please please pray for her =))

I also can't stand abortion either, that's why they have adoption, and like Pslam 139 said we are knitted by God from the womb, we are already HIS when we are in the womb, so those sweet babies need to be protected ..and i strongly feel that Mccain/Palin will do a good job, definitely better than Obama who doesn't even support funds for our Troops...and Biden tried to call Mccain unpatriotic, who is he kidding? seriously..patriotism shows in standing up for what's right, in standing with our troops, giving them 100% support and funds, and standing up for the conservative wonderful values that we all hold so dear...I pray this country's citizens won't chose Obama because if that happens, i am sad to say that this country will be in shambles ;((

well these are my thoughts for the day...i will also in the next post repost a note that i wrote on facebook =))

it's a note on God's providence and how we should rely on Him completely and how HE desires us and how HE wants to get us out of that pit!! please read that too!

well sorry this was so long!

have a wonderful day!

Blessings & hugs!



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