Sunday, December 21, 2008

Where where are you my beloved?

First off before i go into this devotional, i wanted to apologize for not blogging, i've moved into my new apartment about 1 week ago and I LOVE IT =)) i still get to see my parents almost every day and have my own independence I am so blessed to have them be my rock in life =))
But God is my rock first =))
Everything is good here, a lot a lot of's so pretty but very hard to drive in, yesturday i decided to be brave after much prayer i went on the highway to see my friends for a Christmas party in Fairfield, BUT the usual drive which takes me 50 min - 1 hour took me almost 2 hours the way there, and the way back took me 1 hour and 15 minutes!! wow i was totally tired at the end..BUT i have to sing Lord praises that HE got me through the drives safely..the highways were safe and completely was just the side roads that were a killer, on one road 2 minutes from my friends' house i started skidding badly i thank God that no one was driving that road right then..after much struggle i was able to get there in one piece..We had such great time, of fellowship, laughter and fun =)) i even played a guitar in one DVD video game..Yes it was worth it, but i'm not doing that again for awhile, i won't drive such distances in the snow..! it was a little scary LOL. to my post the devotional part...
i will restart another post just for that, because this is already long =))

Continued with the devotional bloggy post =))


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