Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last but not least giveaway #7 on Kristin's blog :)

Please check out this link to Kristin's last giveaway to Eliza magazine, it's a fashion magazine but of trendy clothing, modest and not trashy..this magazine is supposed to be a gem :)))
So Kristin is giving away 1 year prescription of 4 issues to her readers..Please go to this link and comment before midnight tonight May 31st.

and check out her other 6 giveaways as well!
they are wonderful :))

This giveaway to the magazine is her last giveaway this week, so definitely please check it out :))

Love you all!
time for bed!

In His Love, Jane


Saturday, May 30, 2009

also as well check this too!! :)


In this giveaway you can only win the $25 Layers Gift card which you can apply towards the camisole or sculpting slip..But you can't win either of the 3.
Just the gift card.
I just wanted to mention that, because Kristin just told me that the gift card is what you can win :)
thanks Kristin again for taking the time to leave a comment! I love your blog :))


Sorry guys but this about one of Kristin's giveaways too :)
this link is to giveaway #5 :)

in this giveaway you can win a $25 Layers Gift card or wide strap camisole or sculpting slip that you can wear under a dress to either slim you down or take away the edges and smooth your look down :)

But please tell her which one of the 3 you want! And you can get extra entries by posting this about either on twitter, or your blog :))

And please ENTER by midnight tomorrow on May 31st!
She announces all winners on June 1st for all giveaways!

Good luck!

Love you all!



Please check out her last giveaway #6..she's giving away Sonatas from Mia Bellina line...they are very modest, and they fit really well under shirts that are too low, and they just look great under other shirts..just go to her blog again and check giveaway #6 posted today and go to Mia Bellina web site to see what a Sonata is :))

I never knew these existed, but they are cool and perfect under modest clothing :)

awesome idea!!

Love you all!!



check this cool web site out :)) It's amazing!!

Please check out a new friend's blog, i have a couple of icons for her blog..:)
check them out!!
And look at all the great giveaways she's giving out :))

She has 6 giveaways this week..!! And you still have time to enter until midnight Tomorrow night May act fast, and check out her blog while you are at it :)

I'm very well, i am sorry i've not posted in so long, life has been busy..but Good!!

God is good all the time!

I will do an update sometime soon, a longer than this one i promise!
I hope you are all well :)

Blessings always!!



Sunday, May 3, 2009

time to confess and to post again :))

all right, i've been gone a long while, but everything is so so!
my life has been full of ups and downs, more ups, but a few downs.
MY biggest weeks full of excitement, happiness, serving and just plain fun was in New Orleans the week of April 11-18th..and the excitement was in March when i was in Europe!
New Orleans' experience was totally gratifying, life changing and brought me that much closer to our Lord and Savior :)
i'll talk more about New Olreans' experience in a few paragraphs..for now i am going to confess one of the biggest weaknesses of my life.
and that's food!
i honestly think i have a food addiction..there i said it..i've been struggling with that for all of my life since i was 15-16..i use food for comfort, loneliness, boredom, being hungry and the list goes on.
I felt yesturday that the Lord wants to get me out of this pit of addiction, i felt his love and peace..BUT what are the steps for fighting this addiction??

yes some of you may tell me, PUT ASIDE the food and step away..honestly it's easier said than done...sometimes it's almost impossible to stop..the other day, 3 nights ago..i bought a sandwich, crackers, and Starbucks ice cream..all was amazing..and no i didn't finish all that i bought..BUT as i was eating the Starbucks ice cream, my body was screaming at me after eating 1/2 the pint to stop..i didn't want to, BUT i stopped only by the grace of God.. usually when eating the pint, i'll finish the whole thing no steps though you know?!!
and the only reason why i ate 1/2 of it was because God was also begging for me to stop!! Ahh the power and glory of God that HE in his mighty glory even still intervenes into our small stuff..but YES He helped me with that.
i just need an answer from you my friends here online, where can I get help for this addiction????
i tried everything, i tried weight watchers many times, diet pills long ago, Overeaters Anonymous 2-3 times, and there maybe a christian organization that fights food addictions??

does anyone know??

because in my honest oppinion & humble oppinion people with alcohol, cigarrette, and drug addictions can be done with it easier, first they can go to AA and go to rehab for 1 month and then avoid bars, raves, drugs etc..but food is everywhere i go, i also work around FOOD..i work in a store near a lot of chips, food, ice cream..i need guidance and direction..can anyone pls HELP ME???

i already did the first step to recovery, i admit that i have a problem..
now i need to get help..not sure how..:(

i may need to see a nutritionist that may help me eat better..but the underlying issues that make me overeat need to be dealt with and soon!!

i've regained some weight since Jan/Feb about 14-15 pounds..!! yikes!

well there goes the confession, now i feel better :)

p.s. About New Orleans it was such an amazing week! I felt like i was where God wanted me to be, i enjoyed my time serving and growing closer to God and to the people of New was purely amazing :) and i made many great Christian friends on the trip too :) it was life changing, and sweet! i took 1-2 weeks to readjust being back home..the first days were so hard..they are still hard...but it's easier now..but the food is taking over..please keep me in prayer over my food issues. because i don't purge nor undereat..i just overeat, and some days i have 2 days ago!!!

please keep me in prayer :)

and throgh it all...I know God is good, and He'll carry me through and i'll come out stronger from this later on..i know this will be part of my testimony someday :)
i may be able to minister to other girls who struggle with food issues, i know God will take care of tbis part of my life..i need to give it OVER to him, and lay it at the Cross..:)

well bye all, i'll try to post soon!

It may be a little while before i post again because next week i have my college finals..well bye bye!! LOVE & HUGS to all!


In His Love, Jane.