Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hi need to check in and get prepared :)) for lots of videos :))

Hi my dear friends, i am sorry i've been so out of tune lately and not blogging much...i hope i still have some readers left to see and hear what i found on youtube today :)) Has anyone ever heard of Paul Washer??
He is amazing, his teaching (doctrine) very solid, and all his 8 videos convicted me in so so many ways.
I feel challenged after watching most of the 8 videos to live in purity, repetence, and seeking after God more than ever...Our salvation, professing our faith in the Lord is the start of our faith walk, not the end and be all of it.
It's not enough to stand before God one day and say Lord Lord Lord i (so many years ago) came to CHrist, i acknowledged your name, but No Lord i didn't truly walk in your ways the rest of the days of my life. IT"S SIMPLY Not enough to just come to Christ when you were a child, it's more than necessary folks to repent daily, hourly, and submit to the Lord, King of our Hearts. And to Surrender like my friend Katy says.
I am speaking to myself not only to all of you..There have been days that I didn't seek after God with all my heart, i am not perfect, but the worst of sinners saved by God's grace. Complete grace.
And there have been days that i wrongly took God's sacrifice on the cross for granted..I was a fool..a complete fool to EVER have thought that ""I am a sinner saved by grace, so now i have a license to sin, God will forgive me "" what foolish thinking..Like Paul Washer said in his last my own words..It's a marking of a ungodly unChrist like church member to think that by Grace we are saved, so now we can sin, for there is grace...But the sincere Christian is the one that Will want to serve the Lord always and repent daily from all sins.

He didn't say it exactly that way, but you get my gist??
His videos are amazing..and no matter if you are a Calvinist or a more Liberal Christian anyone...ANY Christian can learn so much from his videos..and salvation and the pure gospel flows freely from his lips..too often nowaredays, preachers and pastors hand out a sugar coated gospel if you can call it that, the way they talk about God's grace and about an easy way of getting into heaven, and of How you just porfess once and it's enough...For remember my dear blogger friends, the way is narrow the way to heaven is narrow and very few enter those gates..Just watch his wonderful videos, everything i said will make much more sense after watching what he said..He said it so much better than i :))

If you can't watch all the 8 videos at once, then just watch 1 or 2 and then the rest this week..:) but definitely give it a listen :))

p.s. I am doing great, just really tired tonight...i can't give a complete update but everything is fine, i am getting ready for college, and very excited..and i had an eye procedure done last week, all is well..i still have to take a lot of eye drops, and my vision was blurry the first few i am better, and worked this Friday :) well this is long enough..sorry this was so so long!

here are the 8 links to Paul Washer's 8 part series on youtube :)

Paul Washer--Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

This is it from me today :) i am very tired, almost time for bed my friends, i will have a snack and read a few wonderful verses of scripture, and then to bed, because i have to get up early tomorrow for work!!

Love you all :)

In His Truth



Blogger Jennifer said...

Hey girl,
Finished part 1 video and it was very good!! Going to go through each one!! Great speaker he is!! Very good!! Thanks for sharing the links and for showing us!! Hope you have been doing great!! Blessings and hugs to you:)

August 30, 2009 at 2:00 PM  

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