Saturday, June 6, 2009

hello hello :))

Hi everyone, this will be a mini update..just to let you all know that i am alive and well i am ok..:)
I just felt the need to update 'cause i've not in so long, but it's late here around 1:30 and i need to get to bed..i just wanted to say that my eating is better some days depends..But i started attending a 12 step program which is Christian based :)) yay! the name of it celebrate recovery you can google it too, because they deal with any addiction or any hurt or hang-up! so please check it out!
they didn't pay me to advertise i swear LOL
i just love the program so much and can't say enough about it, they have so much fun too!
here is the way it goes :)

6-7 PM--dinner
7-8 PM--worship and lesson/dinner
8-9 PM-groups sharing open share for 3-5 minutes
9-9:30--socializing time and desert

and they also follow the 12 steps and 8 traditions this time i really may try to do the 12 steps..i am at the bottom of my rope. And i definitely needed help!
enough is enough i can not and won't binge every night!! i can't bare to look at the scale, my weight is higher than's 240-241!!! ahh!!

so i gotta snack less at night, so i devised my own plan thanks to my friend Stacey :)
she said that maybe having a sound meal around 11 PM because i sleep in very late..would do wonders and have me snacking less, so i tried it tonight, i had a turkey and ham sandwich around 11:15 and i am fine since then, no binges..i may have a small snack before bed..and go to bed happy :))
and my tummy not too full!

God is sooo good!

i am so excited for tommorow, i am going to a party of a friend's and next friday i have my New Orleans missions trip reunion and then 2 weddings this summer!
this should be a fun fun summer :)

all right time for bed in a few minutes!!

Please leave comments i love hearing from all my readers..And pls follow this blog too, i only have 2 followers :)

Blessings & HUGS to all!

talk soon!


In His Love, Jane


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