Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hi please PRAY for a little boy and go to..

Hi everyone, i know i've left my blog for too long, but i just came back from Europe 1 week ago, been really busy but decided to update.
I need to ask YOU all to pray for a darling little baby boy, even if you are not Christian, please pray or keep him in your thoughts, he has serious heart problems, and strong heart palpitations, and just serious heart problems.
Please keep him in prayer and go to this blog so you know how to pray better for this boy..
And post this on your bloggie thing too, so others can pray as well, that way we create a LARGE prayer circle :))

here is the link :)


Please keep him in your thoughts and PRAY this simple prayer..

"Please God heal this little sweet bundle of joy, and heal him soon my darling Lord, because he is such a sweet boy, i pray he'll be well soon, BUT whatever your will is, MAY it come to fruition, i just pray that your glory will be shown always."

it can be something similar or any prayer will help!

tell all your friends to pray too.


p.s. i will post 2 more posts after this, one will be some photos from my London/Paris trip which was fantastic by the way..and another will be a song/poem that i heard today that was beautiful beyond mention..

so get ready..!! for a couple more posts tonight :)


p.s. please pray for this little boy, thanks!




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