Thursday, July 23, 2009

Need to post these links :))

Hi all i am so so sorry i've not posted, life has been mundane nothing too exciting, i am doing well though..and back on track with W.W.
i have lost in 2 weeks 4.8 pounds i still attend celebrate recovery, but not as often because i don't want to overwhelm myself with too many recovery programs..what is working so much better than last time with W.W. is i don't see it as a diet in any way shape or form..I see it as better eating, as a lifestyle change :))
out of 2 weeks i had 1 off day..which was yesturday.
I ate 54 points..which is roughly 2,600 cal..that's my highest day that i had since i restarted but seriously i am not beating myself up!
today was a new day and i did so well!
30 points so far...1,500 cal..almost to the mark..i get 32--1600 daily's and a few extra a week :) Life threw a lot at me last week..i had a wedding of one friend :)) it was such a beautiful wedding.
They(Dana and B) they wrote their own vows for each other, it was so beautiful...also the bride came first..the groom came last..there was spiritual meaning behind it of course..the meaning that Christ will come LAST after his bride=the church..such a beautiful wedding! they the bride and groom even washed each others' feet..i was stunned as she sat down in her gorgeous white dress on the floor and started washing B's feet...that was such a cool way to show her submission and love for her beloved.
It was such an amazing wedding!
BUT at the wedding i did really well eating wise, it was such a victory for me not to have the food RULE ME in any way.
i loaded up on veggies, fruit, shrimp, cheese 4 cubes, 5 crackers, and some chicken..but i also enjoyed 1 slice of cake and half a glass of champagne!
i've been feeling that everything in moderation is ok...;)

that's why i love weight watchers, because you can have that cookie and not feel guilty!

another NSV*non scale victory* that i had 3 times in last 2 weeks...all 3 times i was craving dark chocolate, so i bought a Hershey bliss bar 160 calories..and i ate half, then i carried the other half for 3-4 days and then 4 days later i finished it, this never happened to me before..same thing today i only ate half!!

honestly i can't just give credit to myself, nor just to w.w. BUT to the Lord alone!
He was the ONE that carried me through today with a cheerful attitude :)
and He helped me not to give up on myself after my mini-binge yesturday!

the binge actually came out from something that my stepfather said, he said something very insensitive and very mean..So i didn't know how to deal with it, so i overate..BUT it's ok, i am only human!
What i learned from yesturday's experience is if this happens again, if someone offends me again to just to TALK TO God about it! not vent with food, but journal, read the bible, pray, also pray for that person..that's what i should have done..but i am a work in progress..not perfection..but just a work in progress..:)

And i know God will carry me far far...and I know He'll bring me everything i've prayed a good husband, family, maybe a college degree..or a life in ministry, or missions!

i've already gone to New Orleans 2 years in a row..and next week, i am doing 2 days of ministering to the poor in Bridgeport, we'll be doing a lot of painting and other things to help them..because they are below poverty level..and they NEED Christ most of all! please pray for the poor all over the world, including the ones that live in Bridgeport, CT..and also please pray for Kate..

Kate is a 5 year old girl who has tumors in her brain, she's the sweetest thing..i don't personally know her or her family but i'm posting 2 of their Youtube Videos in my next 2 posts...i hope that they will upload..Wish me luck :)

But first here are the 2 links to articles on Boundless web site...2 web site they are :))

Both articles are great!! :)
they are written by different authors and have a different style :) they are both a bit lengthy but you can glean so much from each one about being single and being content in God alone, one of them talks about how we walk with our baggage, and how we should walk and define us not by our dreams, desires, talents..but by our love and service to God :)) amen! please read them! thanks!

all right i'll shush up..sorry this was SOOO long!
i have not updated in so long..that's why it's lengthy!


Blessings always!


In His everloving arms, Jane


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