Saturday, April 4, 2009

This quiz is amazing..Please check it out :))

i was checking out Blessed Femina's blog and she had a great quiz underneath, i usually don't go for quizes, but this one was fun and convicting and soo real :)
Each question when i gave an answer it gave me verses to ponder, so beautiful to be in HIS word..sometimes that kind of quiz is what we need to see to see our inequity and we need to be humbled, so please definitely check out this quiz :)
I highly recommend it :)
sorry this post is so short, i'm pretty tired tonight.
So i better go to bed, i just had the most interesting day though,
i had a full day at work and after that i went to a very good friend's bridal shower, it was so much fun!! i had a blast and my friend is getting married this July 17th..Congrats Dana and Bryce!!

i love you Dana!!

ok here is the link to the quiz :)

Blessings & HUGS to all!

More hugs!