Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy thanksgiving Ya all :))

All right i know by now folks are used to me posting 1x per month but because it's thanksgiving i decided to try to post today as well. Maybe i'll get into the habit and post often..i wanted to wish you all a great Holidays and a great weekend But i also wanted to post thanks on my blog to God for all that this year has brought me...some of the thanks the short version i posted on under their latest post...but it's the short version, here is a longer version..grab some pop corn, tea, or coffee may it be, sit down and write some thanks of your own, add them as a comment so i know that others are still reading and so I know also what you are thankful for my friends :)) And please check out ..Lanier who wrote their latest post gave me the idea to post yes go check their web site out :))

I am thankful for...

~~~~~~~I thank foremost the Lord for Himself, that He is there for me through it All, that His grace is just enough, that he always gives me no more than i can handle AND that i am still standing still standing as that song goes :) )

~~~ I thank the Lord for all my friends that i have made this year at my church in Fairfield, all the friends i met online through Christian blogs, and through friends that i just barely met on facebook 16-18 all within a span of 2 days a few days ago..It was amazing..i met a great Christian friend VIA facebook and she told a lot of her friends to add me, and it made me smile to have so many extend their hand in friendship, i was having such a hard day that day, and the Lord knew JUST how to bless me :)

~~~I also thank the Lord for the family i have, my family especially my mom and cousin have blessed me immensely this year, i don’t know what i’d do without them :)

~~~I also thank the Lord for the great Job he provided me with, i've been with my last company drug store for 5 years this December 12th, and i got a 5 year pin and i get to order a gift which is such a blessing, i will order earings..The Lord has been so good to ME with this job, there were days only a few years ago when i could hold a job for only about 1-3 months, so yes HE is GOOD all the time.

~~~I also praise the Lord for the college that i go to, and that this far so far my grades have been really good this semester in my 2 classes, yes it took me hard work, but by HIS grace and His hand alone have i been able to succeed in them and handle it well..:) thank you Lord.

~~~ Last but not least, I thank and praise the Lord for a great 12 step program that i found to help me with my eating and other problems that life brings...HE helped me find CR *Celebrate Recovery* and i am so thankful that i started a 12 work step's going great..Thank you Lord.

** I also praise God for a healing and delivering that HE gave me this last Saturday at our church prayer/healing night...I felt so delivered and so healed..It was truly amazing, thank you Lord!!

I am also sure this list could get longer, but i will stop for now..because I am tired, and need to go to bed now!! I may go shopping tomorrow..:) but definitely not at 4 AM..probably more like at 10-11 AM :))

I love you all, i better go, you all have great Holidays and great thanksgiving!!

have a great weekend too!

Blessings & HUGS!! :)


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This one is amazing about the virtuous woman, Paul Washer outshines in this one, he talks about how feminism and liberalism and sensuality is ruining the womanhood of today. That's so true...Wake Up America...girls like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears of nowaredays are woman like the ones in the bible that IN THE BIBLE were considered prostitutes and in Proverbs men were told to run from them..May we as girls and women show ourselves worthy of being called a LADY!! YES!!
That's basically the gist of what he said in that it :)

Here is a few more videos that I found that are a lot harder to take, they are both about being set apart for Christ and about how real hell is. And about how the church of today has watered the gospel down so very much that it's truly are those videos...:)

Be prepared for 17-20 minutes of real revelation!! We all need to listen to these wise words of these preachers. WE rarely EVER nowardays hear a gospel like the ones in the next 2 be prepared to cry out to God and ask for repentence dear friends because we all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of Romans..but there is Hope, there is Joy, there is Love, there is Forgiveness that the Lord gives us all..Lay Hold of it and never forget it!!!!
God is a just God but He also yearns to forgive you and wash you clean, he yearns to have a close relationhip with you..Turn and flee from all your sins and run To GOD wherever you are today we all need Jesus and HIS touch :) I felt his very dear touch in my own life this very saturday...we had a prayer/healing session in our church, it was amazing to meet the King of The Universe right there in the midst of my struggles, HE met me where I WAS, and gave ME love and forgiveness for all my sins and shortcomings HE DID...and i felt free and delivered MORE THAN EVER BEFORE!!!! It was amazing!! it truly was, i felt GOD move in my LIFE more than ever BEFORE because i finally LET HIM!! awww it was amazing...and i want to thank BRCC *Black Rock Congregational Church* for hosting this great event, i had such a blast...and felt reconnected to God like never still doesn't mean that LIFE is easy or peachy for me, it can still get hard, but with God on my side nothing can stop me and like that verse in Corinthians says...""My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness..."" Such an amazing verse....:) It always comforts me...ok here are the 2 videos...but before i post them i need prayers, please pray for me dear friends, and if you EVER have prayed for me, pray hard, for 2 things in my life need to be amended and surrendered to God...:))

1. Food and it's hold on me is not good at all.
2. a manager situation, i have a manager in my line of work that i grew way too endeared with, i need prayers on that front HARD prayers, because he has a girlfriend, he is not Christian and he is my manager..please PRAY that i don't feel attracted to him, that GOD takes this from me and that i learn a lesson from all this, and pray that NOTHING not a thing in my speech nor my behavior nor manner nor my eyes reveal anything of the sensual sort..May i look on him and treat him and talk to him in a professional manner and see him as a brother, not anything beyond that..Just pray for wisdom and guidance in this, these are the 2 things i've struggled with HARD these 2 months..but now it's time for me to step out of the woodwork and ask for my bloggie friend's prayers and support!
Thank you all so much for being here for me through these months, you all mean so much to me, and you all know who you are :))

I LOVE YOU ALL!! pray for me!!

P.S. here are the 3 more links :)) i hope these videos convict you, and teach you and guide you to the TRUTH and to the WAY, the Only Way through Jesus Christ. Amen!!!

Hugs to all!! :)

1. Mr. Ravenhill's video~~7 minutes long

2. Video by different preachers about hell and about mediocre Christianity~~~~9+ minutes long

3. Nate Pfeil..He is really young and his video is truly amazing, it just seeps from the Word of God, and the first time i watched it i could NOT stand it because he was telling the very truth i did NOT want to hear, but his video will convict you like nothing else Please watch it, he is a very wise Young Man, he may not be a preacher, but he may be one day..:)

All right this is enough for now...i hope some still read my blog and will see it, please leave a comment I love comments!!
Love and Hugs to all!!
I miss you all :)

Blessings always!!