Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ok even though i'm tired i will post a few current photos of myself within the last
2-3 years..i hope you all like them =))

ok curtain opens...NOW you all see the girl behind the words =)) LOL

Here are the photos:

there they are either on the top or the bottom of this post!
time for bed for me!

night night =))

Blessings & HUGS!


In Him, Jane.

Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you all =))

Hi everyone sorry i've not posted in awhile..been really busy lately with college, work etc etc
But i especially couldn't post the last couple of days because i have a cold, it's still not gone, i need prayers please for God to heal me please from this cold! I pray the cold dissipates by Thanksgving day that's one of my favorite time of the year that and Christmas and i hope that i can enjoy my time with family and good foods and not be so sick!!
pray pray for me please!

And i learned more about this blogger web site, i think now i'll be able to at least post a few photos of myself so you all can see who i am behind the words =))
And i am hoping to load the music player soon, in the beggining it may only be a few songs but i'll make the list longer as the days go by =))

i'm in a good mood just runny nose and such lol

And tired..almost time for me to go to bed!

Oh also some good news on the weight watcher diet front =))
I lost 2.5 pounds last week, totalling around 9 pounds in the last 5-6 weeks!! yess thank you Lord! God is good, and He is the one that gives me strength with food and being mindful of how much i eat =))

Please also pray that i can eat mindfully on T-day..i'm so worried that i'll overeat, i do plan to have some fun LOL
i am definitely going to have turkey, a little mash potatoes, 1 cup of stuffing, mom's home maid cranberry sauce and brussel sprouts, maybe a couple of shrimp and some desert..hopefully i can stick to 1 small brownie piece and 1 small piece of pie..or either one!

So just pls say a prayer for me about eating on T-day and being sick..thanks so much everyone!

I"ll try to post a couple of photos soon either tonight or tommorow! but soon!

stay tuned for that =))

Blessings & HUGS to all!

XoXoXoXo Jane

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Great giveaway =)) Until Thanksgiving day.

Hi my blogging friends sorry i was MIA again for so long..i will post later tonight some more, but for now i want to ask you all to visit my new fave blog, this girl is having a giveaway..It ends on thanksgiving, she is pulling names on Thanksgiving day so please visit before then.

She is giving away Crystal Paine’s CD What to do While Waiting for Prince Charming and a book A Maiden in Waiting have until Thanksgiving morning to enter act fast!! =))

Here is her link, i almost forgot lol..

Her post was posted on November 12, 2008..go to archives November then look for November 12 =))

And leave her a comment saying you want to enter and give your contact info like an email address or a blog site that she can contact you at if you win =))

Best of luck to everyone!!

Blessings & HUGS!

XoXoXoXo Jane.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Kinda bored..

Hi my blogging friends, today was a long day and i'm bored now..i may need to start studying again soon so this will be short..just wanted to let you all know that i'm still here alive and well =))
My diet is going well...i only lost 0.5 pound half a pound this week, i'm a little discouraged but i know it will even itself out =)) i did have a higher calorie day today...i had some ice cream and hot choocolate..but the good news is the ice cream was 1 serving not more not less! 1/2 cup which was 3 i'm happy that i can sit down and not scarf the whole pint =))
God is good =))

Oh some more news on the homefront i'm getting my own apartment so i'm in search for furniture not too expensive..does anyone have any ideas?? any friends that may have low cost furniture but in good condition? I live in CT area,,near Hartford or New Haven is here is the list of the stuff i need..please also pray that i find all this with lower cost according to HIS will =))

1. full size bed and mattress
2. dining room table
3. dresser and mirror
4. and writing desk
Last but not least maybe a TV

if you know anyone or if you yourself have some furniture that fits those guidelines above please please let me know! my email is

Also please give me advice on how not to feel discouraged about such a small loss =(

Also you all should check out this Christian Band...Leeland =))

i'm going to Rock the Sound concert which will feature Leeland, David Crowder band, Newsboys, Skillet, etc etc I"M so excited it's tommorow night in Bridgeport CT there will be around 7,000 in attendance..I have a feeling that God will do something amazing tommorow, HE Jesus will change hearts, shift minds, and save souls and people's lukewarmness..each christian concert i ever went to i felt such energy and love =)) AND God uses anything or any circumstance for HIS glory and HIS glory alone..
i'm listening to Leeland right's name is ...........Carried to the table..such an amazing song and so comforting and beautiful =))

i just have 1 verse that i'll part with =))

2 Corinthians 12:9--My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.---

Such a beautiful verse =))

P.S. Next summer i might go to London/Paris for 8 days with young people's organization i'm so excited =))

well have a great night everyone =))

Stay tuned i'll post again soon i'll try =))

Blessings & HUGS to all!


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ok new post needed about election results..Obama what??

Exactly Now what?? Obama won with a large victory..but honestly the only victor is Christ =)) if you feel disheartened or sad or upset about our new president just think of Jesus HE is the victor and HE will have even Obama under his loving hand...and HE (Jesus of course) has everything under his control..i was honestly sad about Obama winning, after the concession speech where Mccain was so humble and meek even..i just felt completely terrified not of Obama winning but more of how the country can become under HIS rule...but the next day I felt God's ever-loving touch i felt HIM saying in his own way..."Don't worry my child..Everything will be ok, I will come and i will save...Just pray my child PRAY for the president elect and for his family" remember that verse?? pray ceaselessly..that's what i recommend all my blogger friends to do...pray ceaselessly for Obama and for his whole family..and for our country..and for our freedoms..and for everything else going on in the world...This is not mentioned much in the media..except i saw this on CPTV and heard about it in church..but Congo tonight needs our prayers..please pray for those poor people...Not only do they live in hunger and suffering like some other African countries..but they have a turmoil time there now, there are a lot of villains(criminals) rampaging through the villages, a lot of women have been raped, i think the war is political, but they all need our prayers especially the rape makes me sad and i feel for those poor ladies soo much...We as Christians are asked to pray for everyone, including Congo and it's people, for other people in other countries and for even our President Obama. Wether you voted for him or not..He deserves our respect and at the least our prayers....

Here is a link to a wonderful blog post on how we should pray for our president's a wonderful blog post i highly recommend reading it is =))

it's an amazing piece written by Joshua Harris..and a lot commented it and it's amazing how some of the commenters misunderstood his post and were off topic..but i'll shush on that..just check out the blog post...i will give an excerpt of the post....and meditate on the next words that are from his post =))


No matter who you voted for--or whether you voted at all--it's important to remember that, as President, Barack Obama will have God-given authority to govern us, and that we should view him as a servant of God (Rom. 13:1, 4) to whom we should be subject (Rom. 13:1, 5; 1 Pet. 2:13-14).

We are to pray for Barack Obama (1 Tim. 2:1-2).
We are to thank God for Barack Obama (1 Tim. 2:1-2).
We are to respect Barack Obama (Rom. 13:7).
We are to honor Barack Obama (Rom. 13:7; 1 Pet. 2:17).


Those lines alone hit me pray for him was one thing but to respect and honor and thank God for Mr. Barack?? wow that hit me hard..but it's true we should all do that if we are truly God's children..we are not to judge our president Elect..because God is the only final judge we are not to forget that God can save the day =))

We are to remember that God will have his say ..HE will come and save us.

I truly believe that we are in the end times now, and i believe with my whole heart that Jesus will come and save us all...I hope we in the mean time get on our very knees and pray for this beautiful country and for the president elect and for his family and especially for Barack's salvation...that's our duty as citizens of God's kingdom =))

All right i am getting of my soapbox...i'm done for now i promise!! i'm sorry this was so long and i'm sorry for my (probably) unpopular words of not just disagreeing with Obama's policies but of asking to pray for him...i hope you all understand that i'm not trying to offend anyone, nor am i trying to sound high and mighty i just speak the truth as i see fit..and this is my blog and please respect my oppinion as i highly respect yours..i fear this blog post will bring a lot of comments and maybe even some lurkers =)) i actually hope more comment on my page but politely of course!

P.S. i do want to mention even though i asked for others to pray for Obama Barack..i highly disagree with most of his policies...especially with his treatment towards the unborn and he even favors infanticide which i think says volumes about him..BUT i'm done criticizing him and i just ask everyone to pray for GOD to change this man...anyone can be changed and saved...Does anyone remember Saul--Paul?? he was can our president elect be changed with our prayers..Please please pray!! that's all i ask!!

thank you everyone!!

Love you all!!

And please please comment my page, i love comments =) always have and always will =))

P.P.S. My weight watcher diet is going very well..i've lost almost 6 pounds in 3 weeks so i am very greatful to God for helping me with this new lifestyle and i'm greatful for even saying NO to cake yesturday at our local fundraiser with my church, i had my crab cake sandwich and was happy and didn't need the cake at least not that almost 6 pounds down and more to go =))

well have a wonderful night everyone!

Love you all!

And sometime soon i'll try to learn how to upload some photos of mine and of my pets onto this page and maybe a music stay tuned..=))

and i'll try to post more often!

Love and blessings and HUGS to all!


In Him, Jane.